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    "Great job. These ladies know what they're doing."
    Jun 10, 2021
  • Physician Testimonials

    “From her earliest days as a Physical Therapist, I have recognized that she has great talent and an unusually warm rapport with her patients. I think Sushma has extraordinary diagnostic skills. Not only does she possess excellent diagnostic skills, but she applies patient-specific treatments that have been very effective. I recommend her with the highest regard.”

    Dr. Steve Reintjes, Neurosurgeon

    “She (Sushma) is well qualified, strongly committed and clinically competent as a therapist. My patients are universally pleased with their experience in her hands. They feel better and function better after their treatment. More impressively is the depth of the relationship that she is able to develop with her clients even in a short period that they work together. They often want to go back to see her when the sessions are over.”

    Dr. Peter S. Holt, M.D., Internal Medicine/Geriatrics

    “We have communicated quite often during this time. She is professional, compassionate, and provides excellent care to patients referred to her. She utilizes up-to-date techniques and compassionate care with her patients who have repetitively provided me with this positive feedback.”

    Dr. James E. Voos, M.D., Sports Medicine/Orthopedic

    “I can attest to her integrity, work ethic and genuine concern for others. My patients have all spoken highly of not only her skill level but also her medical knowledge. It is hard to find physical therapists who enjoy treating neck and back pain, as they are challenging to treat.”

    Dr. Fermin J. Santos, M.D., Physical Medicine /Pain Management  

    “Sushma and her staff are some of the best in the Midwest. Body in Motion exceeds my expectations.”

    Dr. Sean Wheeler Sports Medicine / Pain Management

    “A few years ago, I personally benefited from physical therapy after a serious cycling accident. My doctors saved my life, but it was Sushma Patel who gave me back my livelihood. The physical therapy was key, but I also augmented my recovery by doing yoga and Pilates on my own. I found my self-designed yoga /Pilates program to be limited at best. I would have done much better with a program like Body in Motion to keep me focused and accelerate my recovery. Kristina Stewart is the kind of instructor I wish I had found. With her qualities and over years of Pilates experience there is no doubt I would have improved faster and recovered better. My advice as a past patient and as a physician is to take advantage of this program and its wonderful people.”

    Dr. Scott Stuart, MD, FACS, Cardiothoracic Surgeon

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Sushma Patel for the last 6 years. She is someone who I know to be very competent and professional as a physical therapist and a business owner. I feel so strongly about her level of skill that I have no problem recommending her services to any of my clients or the members of the club that I work for.

    I have never heard anything but praise for her physical therapy skills and I know she gets results. Much of the reason for this is that she communicates so well with her patients and genuinely cares about them returning to whole health.”

    Karen Sullivan, Director of Fitness and Wellness

  • Client Testimonials

    “A few years ago, I personally benefited from physical therapy after a serious cycling accident. My doctors saved my life, but it was Sushma Patel who gave me back my livelihood… My advice as a past patient and as a physician is to take advantage of this program and its wonderful people.”

    Scott Stuart, MD, FACS, Cardiothoracic Surgeon

    “These ladies know what they are doing, putting all the different elements of your body and mind together! Thank you for the amazing classes!”

    Holly M.

    “What a wonderful learning experience thanks to some amazing women who are passionate about what they do! I am determined to implement all that I learned into my daily life as well as my workout routine!!”

    Katie P.

    “Because of multiple surgeries and arthritis, it was very hard for me to progress with exercise as I tried to lose weight. My doctor referred me to Body in Motion to try their program which integrates yoga, Pilates, and a personalized treatment plan. All three instructors are very experienced and professional. The way they work together to address specific muscles and movement issues is amazing! This alternative approach integrating PT with personalized yoga and Pilates really works! Body in Motion has allowed me to learn the basics of yoga and Pilates at my own pace while still being able to meet with the physical therapist for help with concerns with my neck, back, hips, and knees. I feel my posture and daily living are improved. I am also progressing in my exercise. The biggest surprise is how I’m enjoying exercise and stretching!”

    Valerie B.

    “Well done, Sushma is knowledgeable with a great experience. Kristina’s presentation and the class was very good. Again, well done.”

    Lily M.

    “There were many aspects that I found beneficial. I liked that the atmosphere was very relaxed, I felt comfortable asking questions and moving with all of you. It was a very good workshop and I will be back.”

    Jane M.

    “The neck and shoulders workshop I attended at Body in Motion was way more than I expected. Time was devoted to educating me, and the other participants, on basic functions of the muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulders and neck. In addition, Yoga and Pilates were also incorporated allowing for stretching, lengthening, and awareness of breathing. The combination of education, Yoga, and Pilates was something I’ve never received at prior physical therapy sessions and services. I plan on attending subsequent workshops in the future.”

    Amy P.