FYZICAL Bridging The Gap From Injury To Recovery

Kansas City’s only combined outpatient physical therapy clinic and guided exercise studio under one roof.

To be the most trusted, accessible entry point for wellness and health.

Changing the delivery of healthcare by promising:

  • Individualized treatment programs
  • One on one sessions
  • Continuity and progression of care by the same clinician
  • Hands on approach to care
  • Whole body wellness
  • Services provided by licensed physical therapist
  • Education and injury prevention
Our Story:

While starting my own business had always been a dream, I never imagined the company would evolve from a chance encounter with a former patient.

Years ago, I met a patient that would change my life. She was a client who had suffered chronic low back pain and after many failed treatments and no resolution in sight, she confided in me to help resolve her symptoms.


In many cases, no physician referral is required so call us today to get scheduled!

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(913) 432-3950
  • Innovative Programs
  • Holistic Perspective
  • Open Arms Philosophy

Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers Prairie Village offers first-line treatments excellent for most muscle and joint problems.

Clinically proven to reduce pain and dysfunction, we can also save you time and money too.

We are a local, community clinic that seeks to enrich a person’s overall wellness.
  • Physical Therapy
  • Exercise Studio
  • Group Classes
    & Workshops

Our Clients Feel Connected

  • From her earliest days as a Physical Therapist, I have recognized that she has great talent and an unusually warm rapport with her patients. I think Sushma has extraordinary diagnostic skills. Not only does she possess excellent diagnostic skills, but she applies patient-specific treatments that have been very effective. I recommend her with the highest regard.

    Dr. Steve Reintjes, Neurosurgeon

  • These ladies know what they are doing, putting all the different elements of your body and mind together! Thank you for the amazing classes!

    Holly M.

  • She (Sushma) is well qualified, strongly committed and clinically competent as a therapist. My patients are universally pleased with their experience in her hands. They feel better and function better after their treatment. More impressively is the depth of the relationship that she is able to develop with her clients even in a short period that they work together. They often want to go back to see her when the sessions are over.

    r. Peter S. Holt, M.D., Internal Medicine/Geriatrics

  • What a wonderful learning experience thanks to some amazing women who are passionate about what they do! I am determined to implement all that I learned into my daily life as well as my workout routine!!

    Katie P.

  • We have communicated quite often during this time. She is professional, compassionate, and provides excellent care to patients referred to her. She utilizes up-to-date techniques and compassionate care with her patients who have repetitively provided me with this positive feedback.

    Dr. James E. Voos, M.D., Sports Medicine/Orthopedic

  • Because of multiple surgeries and arthritis, it was very hard for me to progress with exercise as I tried to lose weight. My doctor referred me to Body in Motion to try their program which integrates yoga, Pilates, and a personalized treatment plan. All three instructors are very experienced and professional. I feel my posture and daily living are improved. I am also progressing in my exercise. The biggest surprise is how I'm enjoying exercise and stretching!

    Valerie B.